Madatha Kaja

Madatha Khaja is a delicious flaky pastry dipped in sugar syrup, quite similar to our Badusha except its shaped out of a layered dough. It is very famous in Andhra and also called as Sweet Khaja / Kakinada Khaja.

1.Take a cup of All purpose flour.
2.mix it with ghee and water and make a dough.
3.Cover it and keep it a side for 15-20 min. make small balls out of the dough.
5.Make each ball like thin chepathis.
6.Now place 3 chepathis one on the other with in between basen and roll them.(As we roll a mat)
7.Cut the roll in to 5 to 6 peices. press the roll again with appadala karra.
9.Fry them untill they turn golden colour.
10.Prepare suger pakam ,should be like gulabjamun pakam
11.put the fried kaja in to the pakam directly.

[Courtesy: Youtube]

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