Chennai Chukka Chicken

Chennai Chukka Chicken marinated in spices and deep fried until crispy and golden in color. After hours remove from the water ......


  1. First marinate the chicken in water, added all the spices like chilli powder, salt, gingergarlic paste for hrs.After hrs remove from the water and place it in a tray.
  2. In another bowl add egg, chilli powder, salt,curry leaves chopped,coriander leaves,ginger and garlic paste mix well and keep a side.
  3. In another bowl take maida, bread crumbs,salt mix well and keep a side.
  4. Now take the Marinated chicken dip in the egg mixture then in maida mixture real good and keep it in plate.
  5. Now heat oil for deep frying the chicken, fry the chicken till it is golden brown.

[Courtesy: Youtube]

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