Carrot kheer

Description Carrot Kheer recipe, a tasty Indian dessert preparation with carrots, milk and almonds. For a rich flavored kheer, go with full fat milk though skimmed milk also serves the purpose. The addition of ground blanched almonds gives a nutty creamy texture to the kheer. Cardamom lends a fragrant, warming aroma to the simmering kheer and the garnished nuts add some crunch. Read More

Bread gulab jamun

Description You will love this instant-mix bread gulab jamun due to its ease of preparation. You should add it to your list of simple Indian desserts since it’s apt for parties, New Year’s eve and festivals. Read More

Oats Uttapam

Description Easy and quick recipe made from powdered oats and yogurt. Addition of vegetables are of your choice. Oats have high tendency to become slimy once they are cooked. Read More

Stuffed Bati

Description Stuffed Bati has its own different flavor with the most simple and basic ingredients, yet super scrumptious. Baatis is made in tandoor, usually but we can make them in the oven too. This paneer stuffed baatis gets more appetizing. Baati is a popular Rajasthani bread snack. Read More

Apricot Kheer

Description Peach & Apricot Kheer is traditional indian sweet, apricot and kesar gives creamier, aromatic, mature texture and flavour to kheer. Relish the exquisite blend of peach and apricots worked up in kheer. Read More

A Gujarati flatbread made from fenugreek leaves, whole wheat flour along with some spices. This is healthy snack or meal recipe that is served with plain yogurt. This methi na thepla recipe is perfect for those kids who do not like to eat leafy vegetables. If making for kids adjust the spice level accordingly. Spread mango chunda lightly on the thepla, make roll out of it and give it to kids. They will happily eat it. This way you can include greens in their diet.

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This rava dhokla has soft and fluffy texture. This is a healthy snack as it is steamed and very less oil is used to make tempering. You can serve it as a snack or weekend breakfast. Sometimes I serve this as a side along with roti-subzi and masala chaas. It makes filling and healthy meal. Yogurt is used in this rava dhokla recipe to make batter.

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