Healthy Food

Sweet Potato-Peanut Bisque

Description This satisfying vegetarian, sweet potato soup is inspired by the flavors of West African peanut soup. We like the added zip of hot green chiles, but they can sometimes be very spicy. It’s best to take a small bite first and add them to taste. Try chopped peanuts and scallions for a different garnish. Serve with a mixed green salad with vinaigrette. Recipe by Nancy Baggett for EatingWell. Read

Banana-Bran Muffins

Description By the end of the week, any bananas left in the fruit bowl are past their prime—just right for these moist bran muffins. Add a handful of dark chocolate chips to entice children to enjoy a fiber-rich treat. Read More

Skillet Gnocchi with Chard & White Beans

Description In this one-skillet supper, we toss dark leafy greens, diced tomatoes and white beans with gnocchi and top it all with gooey mozzarella. Serve with a mixed green salad with vinaigrette. Read More

Fat release foods

Vitamin-C You’ve heard for years to stock up on your C to fend off colds, but are you aware of the vitamin’s reputation as a weight-loss aid? Research suggests that the bodies of folks who are deficient in vitamin C cling more stubbornly to fat. In 2008, researchers in Quebec reviewed a stack of studies to find what they called “unsuspected determinants of obesity.” Their review linked less-than-ideal intakes of

13 ways to use almonds

Almond is known for its high nutritional value but did you know it also helps maintain dental and bone health? As we celebrate National Almond Day on Feb. 16, 2016, let’s take a look at different uses the wonder nut can be put to. Almond milk is easier to prepare. It also helps in weight management and keeps bones healthy. Unlike the processed milk available in stores, the home-made variant



This is a good source of both soluble fibre and naturally occurring plant compounds called isoflavones, both of which have been shown in studies to help protect against heart disease. As well as alternatives to milk, try soya desserts and yogurts, munch on edamame beans and use tofu in stir-fries.

Oil rich fish



Salmon, mackerel, sardines, trout and fresh tuna contain the omega-3 fats EPA and DHA. These make blood less sticky, helping to prevent blood clots.





Many studies have shown that oats, which are rich in soluble fibre, can help to lower ‘bad’ cholesterol. A healthy bowl of porridge for breakfast will get your day off to a healthy start.