Panettone Bread Pudding

Description Panettone Bread Pudding is a delicious variation on a classic made with the light and heavenly Italian Christmas bread. Wake up on Christmas Day to this warm, aromatic bread pudding made with toasty almonds and fruit-studded Italian Panettone. Read More

Potato Latkes

Description These classic potato Latkes are super crispy on the outside but soft and moist on the inside. We use shredded potatoes for a traditional look, and a little bit of onion for that hint of sweetness. Read More

Chocolate Walnut Fudge

Description Fudge generally brings to mind a chewy texture and rich mouth-feel, which make one drool just at the thought of it. This Chocolate Walnut Fudge is sure to live up to your expectations! Read More

Honey Glazed Ham

Description Honey glazed ham recipe is a delicious, mouth-watering dish. It’s the perfect choice for Christmas too! A lovely glazed ham is a great staple in my holiday menu, not least because it’s also delicious served cold – or rather at room temperature with pear and saffron chutney. Read More

Mexican Pasta Salad

Description This is a quick, easy, and refreshing dinner that I think is pretty healthy (contains veggies and fiber and can be made pretty low in fat). Although I did get the original recipe from the Moosewood Low Fat Favorites cookbook, I have altered this recipe through the years to meet our tastes. The best thing about this recipe is it can be altered to use whatever crisp veggies you

Russian pancakes

Description Russian pancakes cooked across all Eastern Europe. It’s one of those dishes that I grew up with. Super easy and tasty recipe. Syrniki are sweet fried cheese fritters or pancakes, garnished with sour cream, jam, honey, or applesauce. All-time favorite Russian breakfast! Farm-cheese pancakes known as syrniki are loved by kids and grown-ups alike. That’s part of one of the recipes for syrniki, a famous Russian dessert or breakfast,